Seven Season's on Stowel Lake Farm

Announcing our new book! After five years of labour and love, it's finally here. To pre-order click below!

"Many people dream about farming within a functional, joyful community, of sharing resources and living in an ecologically sustainable way. But doing so is rare, and it doesn’t happen by luck: it needs proper design. That’s where this book is so inspiring, and so valuable."
—Jean-Martin Fortier, author of The Market Gardener

How did the book start?

Living together on the farm and trying our best to answer everyone's questions sparked a desire to share our story.

Through a bounty of personal stories organized into Early Spring, Late Spring, Summer, High Summer, Autumn, December, and Deep Winter, we share the life of Stowel Lake Farm. From harvest dinners to Thursday work parties, looking after free-range children to handling the summer hay baling, each experience offers a meaningful celebration of people working and living together on the land.

Explore life on the farm while learning some of the tips, tricks, secrets, and recipes acquired from years of work. Enjoy slow food recipes such as Wild Spring Nettle Soup, Herb-Encrusted Leg of Lamb, Pavlova with Roasted Rhubarb Compote, and Fresh Chèvre Cheesecake. Recipes nestled alongside key seasonal activities such as maximizing spring vegetables, saving seeds, making nature tables and dying easter eggs. Seven Seasons shares emotional lessons from community living and prioritizing family, including the importance of sharing gratitude, walks, and the celebration of life together.