Our community


the community

The farm community is made up of twenty-five people or so who have lived together for different spans of time. Lisa, of course, as the founder has been here since the beginning, over 40 years ago. The farm is family-owned, and the rest of the folks that live here each have their own arrangements with the farm.

Adam and Aneta cruising home on their bikes.

Within the community there are three families that make up the core group. These families have been on the land since its inception as a community farm in the early 2000s. The core group takes on a stewardship role by facilitating community meetings and events, and working through any big decisions about the direction of farm operations. Our commitment to stewarding the land and growing our own food is what connects us.



Somehow all the kids turned out to be climbers...

Aliah and Matt harvesting lumber to run through the mill.

 Rio, Scout and Alex showing Roman new drawings.

video below about our community: