Our history


the history

Lisa and John throwing hay bales back nearer the beginnings of the farm.

Lisa always had a hunger to live on the land somewhere. In the mid-seventies she got her chance - the old Reynolds farm, a 115-acre parcel of land here on Salt Spring Island, was up for sale. The Reynolds family had cleared the land and logged a lot of it in their early years pioneering here. Lisa raised her three children, Hamish, Rachel and Jennifer on the farm and started her lifelong relationship with the land.


The barn stuffed full with hay.


In the early years, Lisa raised sheep and then, after many years of doing that, transformed the Barn to a horse barn, boarded horses and had a milk cow. These were also the berry years - Lisa became known as the strawberry lady. Coming out to the U-Pick field or buying them direct from Lisa was such a favourite thing to do on the island back then, and every June Lisa spent the whole month in the strawberry patch with the kids, picking and sorting berries. It was really hard work, but there was magic in it too.

The original house. On the location of the present day Gatehouse, (note the cars).

One thread through all the years was people coming onto the farm for yoga classes and meditation at the old farmhouse, which is where the Gatehouse is now. Yoga on the farm goes back into the early ‘80s, and later Lisa got into Buddhism and sat with a group of local women. The group would meditate on the verandah of the old house, and Lisa thought it would be lovely if we could have retreats on the farm.

Lisa in a prior life, the islands Queen of U-Pick strawberries.


video below about our history: